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  • Composer, programmer,  and artificial intelligence researcher, working with sound, computer science and digital healthcare. UK/Canada based. 

  • Previously on faculty at Falmouth University (UK), Johns Hopkins University (Peabody Institute), University of British Columbia (CA) and University of Birmingham (UK). 

  • Research published by MIT Press, CEC, Musicworks, Canada Music Magazine, NIME, AISB, AIMC and more. 

  • PhD (University of Birmingham), Masters (University of Calgary) and BMus (Mount Allison University) and have completed my postdoctoral fellowship training at University of British Columbia in the Music Department and The Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Science.

  • Research focused on artifical intelliegnce and live coding/music, digital health care, particularly the use of immersive and artificial intelligence technologies to support and assist with various psychiatric and neurological disorders and issues. I currently work with a team of psychiatrists from the NHS (UK) on divising new innitiatives using AI for dementia care.

  • Musical practice: Live coding, artificial intelligence, algorave, electroacoustic/acousmatic and live instruments, new instrument design. 

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