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2024 events
(updated regularly)

Talk on AI and Scorch at NYU Tandon: Virtual Symposium on Learning to Teach Creative Technologies with Generative AI, New York University, USA

Audio/Visual installation @ Performing Media Festival, IU South Bend + South Bend Museum of Art, USA

02.12.24: Audio/Visual performance @ TEMOM, Toronto, Canada

04.02.24  panelist @ Creative AI Symposium, The Creative School, Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto, Canada 

04.06.24: Audio/Visual performance @ Wonder Valley Music Festival, Wonder Valley, California, USA

05.27-29.24: paper presentation @NoiseFloor conference, Lisbon, Portugal

09.09-11.24 workshop chair, co-organiser @AI Music Creativity Conference, Oxford, United Kingdom

Spring/SummerTour 2023 Dates 

14.04: The Deli, Vancouver BC

18.04 : Multichannel Performance at The Insistute of Sonology, Den Haag, NL

22.04 : Workshop + performance, ICLC, Utrecht, NL

05.05 - 06.05: Algorave + Workshop, The Pool Space, Düsseldorf, DE

31.05 - Workshop - NIME - Mexico City, MX

07.20 - Performance with "lorwaywadden", Galiano Island, BC

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