composition - articifial intelligence - live coding - computing - digital healthcare 


I am a composer, programmer and artificial intelligence researcher working on the intersection of sound, computer science and digital healthcare.  I am based in both the UK and Canada. I am a full time professor at a university, working with artificial intelligence, digital audio production, digital health and creative coding. 


My main research area as of present is focused on artifical intelliegnce and live coding/music, digital health care, particularly the use of immersive and artificial intelligence technologies to support and assist with various psychiatric and neurological disorders and issues. I currently work with a team of psychiatrists from the NHS on divising new innitiatives using AI for dementia care.

I live code techno (and other music) at algoraves around the world in venues and festivals such as Fortune Sound Club (Vancouver), Norberg Festival (Sweden), EarZoom Festival (Slovenia), Corsica Studios (London UK), Incubate Festival (NL) and have been written about in media such as Mixmag about my work in live coding. I have also written music for film, including the score for Anthropocene the Human Epoch, which has received nominatinos for best film score at the Cinema Eye Honors as well as premiers at Sundance, TIFF and Berlin Film Festival. 

I've run the electronic music label, xylem records since 2012, and compose algorithmic, audio visual and film scores.  In 2014, I won the Canada Council for the Arts Robert Fleming Prize for Outstanding Canadian Composer and continue to compose music for fixed media and film.

I run and co-founded two software/hardware companies which are both active in UK and Canada, 

  •  HexDB Labs which provides software solutions for various high end audio companies, scientific and healthcare companies (2015 - present)

  • BeeSting Lab which creates new digital musical instruments using immersive and AI technologies (2019 - present)

I have a PhD (University of Birmingham), Masters (University of Calgary) and BMus (Mount Allison University) and have completed my postdoctoral fellowship training at University of British Columbia in the Music Department and The Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS). 

 For more information on my current University appointment and CV, please get in touch.